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$40 Annual Enrollment Fee for all students. Or $60.00 per Family.  

Starting  Jan 1, 2017 All fees will be based on a 6 week session


Mom & Me

Our Parent and Tot programs are designed for children 18 months to 3 years old.  This 45 minute class is once a week and provides a great opportunity for a parent to spend quality time with their child.  The Goal of each class is to stimulate General and Gross motor skill development. 

Pre-School Gymnastics

Imagination Exploration

This 45 Minute class will Be jam packed with  Music, Rhythm, Motor Skill Development, Gymnastics and Story Telling,

School Age Gymnastics


Beginner II



Special Needs

This is a one on one class for children with special needs. Call for appointment.

Super Cheer Fit

A fun exercise class that uses the movements of cheer dancing, jumps and stretching for a 45 minute exercise experience.


Ninja Training

Ninja Training for Boys and Girls. Includes Gymnastics, Free Running and Cross Training for the Beginner Ninja 

Yoga and Gym

This Yoga and Gymnastics class incorporates gross motor skill development, listening skills, songs, games, gymnastics equipment, yoga props, activities, poses  and so much more. Children are also given tools for life and ongoing opportunities to feel successful and love themselves.